Welcome to SQUAWK Coffeehouse!

Since 1990, SQUAWK Coffeehouse has been an
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Blues Scholars

open-mike venue for musicians, poets, & other performing artists.

SQUAWK Coffeehouse takes place the second Thursday of every month (except August). Come join us at Harvard-Epworth Church, 1555 Mass. Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In memory of SQUAWK Coffeehouse founder Lee Kidd 1945-2016.

Squeals from The Basement

by Ravenous Piglet

Nobody out there is doing ANYTHING worthwhile for you
to be listening to. This great land of ours is an unrelenting
series of cowtown mentilities, stretching from sea to sea,
which have absolutely NOTHTNG to say to you’

No one has to look very far to see that the STUPIDIZING
of America is in full swing, proceeding apace, increasing in
cluelessness ev’ry day of the week. No matter what your
friends say, they’re doing little to change this aggressive
lessening in their lives.

So. ln the light of all this televised darkness’ what do
we do?

We band together and put out a SQUAWK, that’s what.
We carve out a SPACE and we call it a COFFEEHOUSE and we
attend it ev’ry Thursday night for ETERNITY.

We envision ourselves as walking among THE
BEAUTEOUS SHAPES, we take a chance on our own accuracy,
we want to sing the greatest song on earth. We want to build
our “stately pleasure dome in Xanadu”. We’ve got a plan.

What is it? It’s you-attending-a-coffeehouse. It’s you getting up to the open mike and performing for others — maybe for the first time, maybe for the 1000th time. Each time you do it, you get better at it. COFFEEHOUSE CONSCIOUSNESS is an ongoing workshop where you can learn to become yourself among — and in front of — others.