SQUAWK Magazine

SQUAWK Magazine

Who exactly are we?

Fact Sheet FiveMagazine says we are “an open mike in print.”

Mainly, be dissatisfied with ev’rything.
Rely only on what you yourself create — and be suspicious of that too.
No one out there’s saying it right — no one.

It’s true — we desire “The Sacred Scribbled Glimpse.”

We do believe
it makes a great insurgent difference if you stand up and sing.

We’re a celebrative, rowdy, rambunctious bunch.

We want to put something of ourselves beyond death. We want to bop ’til we drop.

We’re bubbling up.
We can’t get enough of that “Unforgettable Gush.”

So why don’t you just carbonate th way you walk?
Why don’t you just stand up

Selected Articles

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Drawings by Gale

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Richard Cambridge, Report from D.C.

Meihua Li, Xiamen poet

Meihua Li, Xiamen poet 2

Open Letter to Tom Williams

Excerpt of Interview with Tom Williams

Poem by Tom Williams

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Cartoon by Tuli Kupferberg

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